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  1. Olli Wiegner: Entropy Definition No. 2

    26 Sep 2016

    Olli Wiegner (b. 1993) is a contemporary landscape photographer currently living in Bielefeld, Germany. Presently, he is studying Photography & Media at the FH Bielefeld Faculty of Art and Design. Olli’s projects mostly focus on the interaction of humankind with the landscape and how this relationship changes over time  Entropy Definition No.

  2. Interview: Raul Rodriguez of Deep Red Press

    24 Sep 2016

    Raul Rodriguez is a photographer from Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated with a BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design. His work uses portraits, documents, and the narrative discourse of photography to tell stories in documentary and contemporary forms.  He examines the social and…

  3. Interview: Al Palmer of Brown Owl Press

    22 Jul 2016

    Al Palmer (b. 1984, Gateshead, UK) is a photographer and book designer working in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. He is the founder of Brown Owl Press. We’ve featured his photographic work in the past, and had the pleasure of learning about the workings behind being an independent publisher of photo books and zines…

  4. Alan Weedon and Clara Bradley: Pears

    03 Mar 2016

    Alan Weedon is a Melbourne-based photographer and writer. Currently he’s looking at intimacy and Australian cultural masculinity, among other things Clara Bradley is a Melbourne-based visual artist, curator, and writer working primarily with textiles: she seeks truths through inherited and tangible craftsmanship. Pears: “In slumber we would apologize with…

  5. Ben Davis: Insights

    02 Mar 2016

    Ben Davis is in his senior year at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in pursuit of a BFA in Fine Art Photography and a BS in Photographic and Imaging Technologies. In addition to his normal school work he is an editor of Draft 13, an annual student run publication…

  6. Sam Goblirsch: The Latch on the Screen

    17 Feb 2016

    Sam Goblirsch grew up in Minnesota, moved to San Diego for college and after graduating was a rural public health Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador. Prior to starting medical school he lived in Boston, where he taught biology and chemistry to high school students.  Sam’s wanderlust continued through medical school and his internal medicine-pediatrics residency during which…

  7. Robert Warren: Too Much With Us

    15 Feb 2016

    Robert Warren (b. 1984) is a photographer born in Long Island, NY and spent his childhood between London and New York State. He earned a BFA with department honors from SUNY Purchase in 2009 and an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2015. He is currently…

  8. Josée Schryer: Sur la Rouge

    12 Feb 2016

    Josée Schryer was born and raised in rural Québec, Canada. She currently lives and works in Montreal. She obtained her BFA at Concordia University and recently received her MFA from the University of Hartford. She is a co-founder of the Photobook Club Montreal and Le Moineau. Her work has been…

  9. Anne-Sophie Guillet: Reminiscence

    10 Feb 2016

    Anne-Sophie Guillet (b. 1987, Oxford, UK) is a French photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. She graduated in 2013 with an MFA in visual arts/photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Through her works she explores and questions the enigma of identity Reminiscence: « Reminiscence » rem-i-nis′ens: an account of what is remembered:

  10. Ryan Shorosky: An Absence Shared

    04 Feb 2016

    Ryan Shorosky is a twenty-seven-year-old photographer currently based in New York City. After completing a BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in 2013 he set out to live and work full-time as a long-haul truck driver. His ongoing project about truck driving in America, entitled Green Grow

  11. Andy Grellmann: Détaché

    02 Feb 2016

    Andy Grellmann (b. 1986) is a photographer from Vancouver, Canada. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2010. His photographs depict his preoccupations Détaché: This body of work was formed out of a need to give context to a pile of photographs that were made passively over a few

  12. Angela Datre: In Between

    31 Jan 2016

    Angela Datre (b. 1986) is a photographer based in New York. She graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2008. She shoots a variety of editorial and documentary work In Between: This is a series of photos shot throughout New York City on my walks or drives to

  13. Sarah Mei Herman: Julian and Jonathan

    28 Jan 2016

    Sarah Mei Herman was born in Amsterdam in 1980. She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague, from which she received her BA in 2005. In 2010 she completed her MA in Fine Art Photography at The Royal College of Art in London. Sarah Mei…

  14. Pedro de Passos: Propitiousness

    26 Jan 2016

    Pedro de Passos is a photographer currently living and working in Porto, Portugal. With a B.A. in Photography and a Master in Public Art from the Fine Arts University of Porto, he has generated bodies of personal work where architecture, space and body coexist with each other and are documented has a continuous study of…

  15. Peter Holliday: Where the Land Rises

    08 Jan 2016

    Peter Holliday (b. 1992) is a Scottish photographer based in Glasgow. He graduated in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art in June 2015. In August 2015 he was one of 20 art graduates selected for Creative Review’s UK-wide talent spotting feature in association with JCDecaux and Creative Translation…

  16. Sophie Green: Poppy & Rosie

    05 Jan 2016

    Sophie Green is a social documentary and portrait photographer based in London (b. 1991). Her photography is a spontaneous, intuitive reaction to the ordinary–capturing unconventional beauty in its natural, everyday environment. She has a strong interest in British culture and communities who exist on the edge of society and marginalised people who are…

  17. Mark Griffiths: The Healing Land

    03 Jan 2016

    Mark is a photographer based in South Wales, U.K. He graduated in 2013 with a degree in photojournalism from the University of Wales. His work has been widely featured throughout the world and exhibited across the country. He has recently received a winning placement at the Moscow International Photography Awards…

  18. Damien Maloney: Sunday El Rancho

    01 Jan 2016

    Damien Maloney is a 28-year-old photographer with a degree in linguistics. He was born in Texas, raised in Phoenix, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. He works editorially and commercially. He self-published a newsprint zine, Summer Vacation in 2014 and is working up to exhibiting and printing more…

  19. Stefano Cerio: Chinese Fun

    28 Dec 2015

    Stefano Cerio (b.1962) directs his attention to alternative worlds: for his elaborate series he takes pictures of recreational paradises—ski arenas, cruises, water and fun parks. For the artist, Italian street altars even count among these colorful illusory worlds that people create for the purpose of escaping from everyday life. Yet in…

  20. Fedor Shklyaruk: New Territory

    12 Nov 2015

    Fedor Shklyaruk (born in 1984, Moscow, Russia) is self-thought artist whose main area of research is interaction between landscape and history–the memories and its visual investigation through the field of photo­graphy. Fedor was the participant of several group and solo exhibitions and published two books by himself. From 2012-2014, Fedor studied photography in “FotoDepartament”…

  21. Alyssa McDonald: Below the Light/Above the Dark

    10 Nov 2015

    Alyssa McDonald is a twenty-two year old photographer finishing up her last year as an undergrad at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.  She is an only child from a suburban town in Connecticut.  Despite living in the same house her entire life, she grew up camping and…

  22. Alexis Vasilikos: All In

    08 Nov 2015

    Alexis Vasilikos is a Greek fine art photographer and the co-editor of Phases Magazine. His work explores the presence of the sublime in everyday life and is an intimate contemplation on the nature of emptiness. His images have been exhibited and showcased in several group shows in London, New York…

  23. Ian Kline: White Rose

    04 Nov 2015

    Ian Kline was born in 1994 and currently lives in Lancaster, PA, where he is pursuing a BFA in photography at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design White Rose: With this series of photographs I am going through my memories and associations connected to my hometown of York, PA to

  24. Robbie Hala’api’api: My Southside

    02 Nov 2015

    Robbie Hala’api’api is a photographer currently residing on the West Coast of the United States.  His photographic work is inspired by memories from his past, his travels and the people he interacts with. He enjoys creating visual narratives translated through his photographs and also loves documenting his daily routines My Southside: Until I graduated

  25. Julia Krüger: Subtle Metaphor

    30 Oct 2015

    Julia Krüger is an artist based in Leipzig, Germany. In 2013, she studied photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, USA. She received her BA from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany In 2015, Julia has spent three month in Romania, doing an Artist In Residence in Bucharest and working…