Josée Schryer: Sur la Rouge

Josée Schryer was born and raised in rural Québec, Canada. She currently lives and works in Montreal. She obtained her BFA at Concordia University and recently received her MFA from the University of Hartford. She is a co-founder of the Photobook Club Montreal and Le Moineau. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

Sur la Rouge: After a 12-year separation from her father, Josée Schryer returned to Grenville-sur-la-Rouge with a daughter that her father had never met and a deep longing for the landscape of her childhood. Through the uncomfortable weight of their past mistakes and decisions, the artist and her father reconnect. They share a similar respect for the place, they find words to fill the awkward silence. They share meals while he talks about the animals he’s seen lurking around the family land, the gossip of the village and the stories she has missed being away. And, slowly, the distance between the two dissipates. Meanwhile, life in the forest has its own ways of reminding us of the natural order of things: life, death and the skins we leave behind.

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