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  1. Raul Guillermo: Plage Isolée

    27 Jul 2017

    Raul Guillermo is a Peruvian documentary and fine art photographer based in Paris. He studied at SPEOS International Photographic School during 2016 and 2017. His past career was not oriented to photography, however, in 2016 he decided to follow his passion. He was afraid of doing it, but he was more afraid…

  2. Bree Lamb: A House, A Home

    14 Jun 2017

    Bree Lamb is a working artist and photographer based in New Mexico. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico. Lamb is a Beaumont Newhall/Van Deren Coke Fellow and is represented by Gallery 19 in Chicago. She is the Assistant Editor of Fraction Magazine, Project Manager at Fraction…

  3. Alice Cannara Malan: My (M)Other

    25 May 2017

    Alice Cannara Malan is a young photographer who has a pretty normal upbringing. She followed an artistic path since high school and eventually she got a degree in Graphic Design, in 2015 in Milan. Although Alice’s real passion has always been photography and video. Driven by the desire to leave…

  4. Jarod Luebbert: West Coast and Up to British Columbia

    05 May 2017

    Jarod Luebbert lives in San Francisco, where he moved to six years ago from the Midwest. He began taking photos during his adolescence, and has been making images consistently over the past five years. When Jarod is not stuck at his computer, he seeks to spend his time outside, mainly by the seaside West

  5. Audrey Molloy: Pushing Sonny

    24 Apr 2017

    Audrey Molloy (b. Würzburg, 1993) is a photo based artist, writer, and occasional performance artist. She received her B.F.A. from the University of Arizona in 2015 where she studied digital photography, critical art theory, and video art. Most recently, Audrey was chosen as a 2016 Scholarship Artist in Residence at Pump

  6. Cory Harrison Smith: Copacabana

    04 Apr 2017

    Cory Harrison Smith (b. 1989) is a photographer living and working in Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in the suburbs of Texas and Pennsylvania and holds a BA in Film & Media Arts from Temple University. Cory is primarily interested in the camera’s unique capacity to elevate and obfuscate the…

  7. Nikki Krecicki: Elsewhere

    22 Feb 2017

    Nikki Krecicki is a fashion and portrait photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She is a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where she received her B.F.A. in Photography. She began making pictures while living in a lakeside town in North Carolina. With her work she…

  8. Adrien Blondel: Maasai

    18 Jan 2017

    Adrien Blondel was born and grew up in normandy, France. He moved to Paris where he studied and graduated in history of cinema and cinematography. His first feature documentary film project brought him to the US, where he came back to live in San Francisco. Adrien works as a lighting…

  9. Paweł Starzec: Makeshift

    07 Jan 2017

    Paweł Starzec is a photographer, journalist, sociologist, educator. He works primarily on photographic documents. Mainly interested in how space and its context and meaning relate and the visualization and documentation of events through their peripherals. Visual sociologist, currently during Ph.D. studies, working in the field of mass visual communication and visual narratives. Art…

  10. Mankichi Shinshi: Full of Null

    31 Dec 2016

    Mankichi Shinshi is a street and documentary photographer based in Japan. He is on a search for the possibility of non-staged photography in public spaces. In other words, it is a consideration of the way of confronting the scenes which anyone can see (general society). However, his purpose isn’t to reveal some…

  11. Yota Yoshida: From Somewhere, To Elsewhere

    31 Oct 2016

    Yota Yoshida (b. 1981) is a street photographer who lives in Tokyo Japan. Each of his photos show the atmosphere of the present day in this society. It gives the impression of being almost haunted, and even scared at times, but fascinated in the strength of the use of visual…

  12. Conner Gordon: Where Does That Flower Bloom

    07 Oct 2016

    Conner Gordon is an Indiana-based photographer documenting the American Midwest and scattered elsewheres. A graduate of DePauw University with a degree in political science, much of his work focuses on the intersection of photography and conflict and memory studies. His published projects include Answer, an examination of being an…

  13. Brittany Petronella: Shotgun

    06 Oct 2016

    Brittany Petronella, a recent graduate from the Conservatory of Art and Design at SUNY Purchase, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. During her time at Purchase, she was awarded the Outstanding Junior in Photography Award and won Shoot the Face’s international Photography award. She lives in Nyack, NY…

  14. Olli Wiegner: Entropy Definition No. 2

    26 Sep 2016

    Olli Wiegner (b. 1993) is a contemporary landscape photographer currently living in Bielefeld, Germany. Presently, he is studying Photography & Media at the FH Bielefeld Faculty of Art and Design. Olli’s projects mostly focus on the interaction of humankind with the landscape and how this relationship changes over time  Entropy Definition No.

  15. Ewa Doroszenko: The Promise of Sublime Words

    21 Sep 2016

    Ewa Doroszenko (b. 1983) is a visual artist, working with photography and multimedia installations. With a Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts, she graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. She is a recipient of many scholarships and beneficiary of residency programs: Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz (Austria 2016), The Island-resignified in…

  16. Nick Prideaux: Compact Mindfulness

    15 Sep 2016

    Nick Prideaux was born in a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia called Byron Bay. He majored in Film Production in Melbourne and after moved to Tokyo to work as a freelance photographer for five years. He recently relocated to Bangkok to pursue his photography full-time Compact Mindfulness: This series is

  17. Alex Grabiec: Back East

    02 Aug 2016

    Alex Grabiec is an artist based out of rural Virginia where he lives with his wife and son. Born in 1984, Alex earned a BFA in Photography from Longwood University in 2007 and an MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016. His…

  18. Alexis Vasilikos: Around A Cemetery

    02 Jul 2016

    Alexis Vasilikos is a Greek fine art photographer whose work explores the presence of the sublime in everyday life. Making pictures in both his homeland and abroad, in places like India and Berlin, his photography is an intimate contemplation on the nature of reality that seeks to attune the viewer to…

  19. Elena Cremona: After Memory III

    20 Jun 2016

    Elena Cremona was born in 1991 in Munich, Germany to an Italian father and a German mother. Experiencing different cultures, societies and landscapes have shaped the person she is today. She graduated in 2015 with a first class Honours Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Photography from the prestigious Arts University Bournemouth and is currently…

  20. Edouard Sepulchre: Color Cube

    09 Jun 2016

    Edouard Sepulchre has worked for ten years in an advertising agency and has a Masters in Clinical Psychology. In 2010, he shifted to self-taught photography and videography. Photography has always been an excuse to go and see the world. Edouard tends to fluctuate between the coverage of communities on wheels and contemplative photos of urban and desert…

  21. Tham Jing Wen: Flat

    07 Jun 2016

    Tham Jing Wen is a 34-year-old photographer who lives in Singapore. He loves to explore the complexity of urban environments and capture what is seemingly mundane but yet serendipitously interesting at the same time. His work has been featured on Der Greif and Platform SG Flat: When I look at

  22. Nicolas Blandin: Bout du Monde

    05 Jun 2016

    Nicolas Blandin (b. 1982) is a self taught photographer based in Annecy, France. His practice explores the relationship with the landscape and examines photography’s narrative power, emotional charge, and ambiguity Bout du Monde: “Direct your eye right inward, and you’ll findA thousand regions in your mindYet undiscovered. Travel them, and beExpert in home-cosmography.” ― William Habington In an age of globalization and cultural cross-pollination, when everything

  23. Junya Suzuki: An Aesthetics of Everyday Life

    23 May 2016

    Junya Suzuki, born in Japan in 1979, began taking photographs in 2009. He is a street photographer based in Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan. His interest focuses how picture elements connect at the same place at the same time. The faces may have turned to the same direction, or may have…

  24. Dina Dubrovskaya: Instant Yearbook

    16 May 2016

    Dina Dubrovskaya is a 25-year-old self-taught photographer from Saransk, Russia. She is mostly interested in portraiture and recently has been working on several projects in which she photographs kids and teenagers. Her works have been published in Platform Magazine, GUP Magazine, L’Oeil de la photographie, and Der Greif.  Instant Yearbook: For the project, “Instant Yearbook,” I photograph the pupils of

  25. Tim Gao: Invisible Theatre

    12 May 2016

    Tim Gao is a freelance photographer from Shanghai, China. He has been persistently shooting Shanghai street photography since 2012, being influenced by photographers such as Daido Moriyama, Nobuyoshi Araki, Diane Arbus, Josef Koudelka, Marc Riboud, Takuma Nakahira and Issei Suda, among others. His work shows the exquisite craftsmanship needed to…