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  1. Emmanuel Monzon: Urban Sprawl II

    26 Aug 2016

    Emmanuel Monzon is a french photographer and visual artist based in Seattle, WA. He graduated from the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Paris, France with honors. His work has been featured throughout the US, Europe and Asia (through exhibitions, selections and various awards). Through his work, he explores and questions the…

  2. Alex Grabiec: Back East

    02 Aug 2016

    Alex Grabiec is an artist based out of rural Virginia where he lives with his wife and son. Born in 1984, Alex earned a BFA in Photography from Longwood University in 2007 and an MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016. His…

  3. Elena Cremona: After Memory III

    20 Jun 2016

    Elena Cremona was born in 1991 in Munich, Germany to an Italian father and a German mother. Experiencing different cultures, societies and landscapes have shaped the person she is today. She graduated in 2015 with a first class Honours Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Photography from the prestigious Arts University Bournemouth and is currently…

  4. Edouard Sepulchre: Color Cube

    09 Jun 2016

    Edouard Sepulchre has worked for ten years in an advertising agency and has a Masters in Clinical Psychology. In 2010, he shifted to self-taught photography and videography. Photography has always been an excuse to go and see the world. Edouard tends to fluctuate between the coverage of communities on wheels and contemplative photos of urban and desert…

  5. Tham Jing Wen: Flat

    07 Jun 2016

    Tham Jing Wen is a 34-year-old photographer who lives in Singapore. He loves to explore the complexity of urban environments and capture what is seemingly mundane but yet serendipitously interesting at the same time. His work has been featured on Der Greif and Platform SG Flat: When I look at

  6. Nicolas Blandin: Bout du Monde

    05 Jun 2016

    Nicolas Blandin (b. 1982) is a self taught photographer based in Annecy, France. His practice explores the relationship with the landscape and examines photography’s narrative power, emotional charge, and ambiguity Bout du Monde: “Direct your eye right inward, and you’ll findA thousand regions in your mindYet undiscovered. Travel them, and beExpert in home-cosmography.” ― William Habington In an age of globalization and cultural cross-pollination, when everything

  7. Junya Suzuki: An Aesthetics of Everyday Life

    23 May 2016

    Junya Suzuki, born in Japan in 1979, began taking photographs in 2009. He is a street photographer based in Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan. His interest focuses how picture elements connect at the same place at the same time. The faces may have turned to the same direction, or may have…

  8. Dina Dubrovskaya: Instant Yearbook

    16 May 2016

    Dina Dubrovskaya is a 25-year-old self-taught photographer from Saransk, Russia. She is mostly interested in portraiture and recently has been working on several projects in which she photographs kids and teenagers. Her works have been published in Platform Magazine, GUP Magazine, L’Oeil de la photographie, and Der Greif.  Instant Yearbook: For the project, “Instant Yearbook,” I photograph the pupils of

  9. Tim Gao: Invisible Theatre

    12 May 2016

    Tim Gao is a freelance photographer from Shanghai, China. He has been persistently shooting Shanghai street photography since 2012, being influenced by photographers such as Daido Moriyama, Nobuyoshi Araki, Diane Arbus, Josef Koudelka, Marc Riboud, Takuma Nakahira and Issei Suda, among others. His work shows the exquisite craftsmanship needed to…

  10. Shin Noguchi: Hawaii 2016

    10 May 2016

    Shin Noguchi is an award winning street photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo, Japan. He describes his street photography as an attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, beauty and humanism, among the flow of everyday life and has a discreet, poetic and enigmatic approach that is sensitive to the…

  11. Rachel Woroner: How Still Everything Seems

    05 May 2016

    Rachel Woroner (b. 1991) is a Canadian visual artist and photographer. Her work is often concerned with cultural and religious identity, ancestral affiliation and personal relationships. She approaches her practice with intimacy and tenderness. Rachel received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Concordia University in 2013 and has since exhibited in…

  12. Nikki Krecicki: Jane & I

    27 Apr 2016

    Nikki Krecicki (b. 1992) is a fashion and portrait photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She is a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where she received her B.F.A. in Photography. She began making pictures while living in a humid subtropical climate in North Carolina…

  13. Barbara and Ale: Hashtag Flying

    25 Apr 2016

    Barbara and Ale (until the beginning of 2014 known as Barbara Ceriani Basilico and Alessandro Mancassola) live and work in Milan. They began working together in 2005 during their specialization in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan). Among others, they exhibited at the Centre Pompidou…

  14. Mathew Scott: The Concrete River

    23 Apr 2016

    Mathew Scott was born and raised in sunny Portland, Oregon. Soon after graduating high school, he decided it was time to leave Portland, so he packed a suitcase and purchased a Greyhound ticket to San Francisco. After a few “figuring it all out” moments, he began taking classes at the Academy…

  15. Emmanuel Monzon: Emptiness

    22 Apr 2016

    Emmanuel Monzon is a French photographer and visual artist based in Seattle, WA. He graduated from the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Paris, France with honors. His work has been featured throughout the US, Europe and Asia (through exhibitions, selections and various awards). Through his work, he explores and questions the…

  16. Monty Kaplan: Selected Works

    20 Apr 2016

    Monty Kaplan is a photographer from Argentina, currently based in Miami, Florida. He has had an affinity with photography for as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until quite recently that he started to take it seriously. Monty worked as a film director and film editor for a very long time, and couple…

  17. Andrew Mellor: 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W

    18 Apr 2016

    Andrew Mellor is a photographer who explores natural and man-made environments, and the interaction between the two with concerns over how we use the landscape and the social and political issues surrounding it. Often exploring change and human impact. He is drawn to ordinary places, seeking to find interest in everyday spaces. Mellor’s work is…

  18. Jake Silby: In search of

    15 Apr 2016

    Jake Silby is a 23-year-old photographer who is originally from New Plymouth, New Zealand. He received a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Photography, from Massey University in 2014. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, where he continues to develop his practice. Jake is interested in individual perceptions of place…

  19. Valerie Chiang: China & Taiwan

    13 Apr 2016

    Valerie Chiang (b. 1992) is a photographer from North Carolina. Initially a piano performance major at Oberlin College & Conservatory, she transferred to the University of Southern California in 2012 and graduated with a degree in Film and Television Production in December 2014. Since then, she has worked as a…

  20. Saleem Ahmed: Rani Road

    11 Apr 2016

    Saleem Ahmed is a photographer, writer, and educator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has an MFA in photography from the Hartford Art School and a BA in photojournalism from Temple University. Since 2010, he has been involved with photographic and arts-based education projects in Bolivia. He is also an occasional contributor for…

  21. Alexander Rotondo: In Between Days

    08 Apr 2016

    Alexander Rotondo is a twenty-three-year-old photographer currently based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In Between Days: This is an ongoing series of photographs exploring memory and its ability to be misshaped by the passing of time. Rotondo aims to question the space (physical and metaphorical) between two lovers. Through these vignettes of time,

  22. Al Palmer: I Believe (In None of This)

    04 Apr 2016

    Al Palmer (b. 1984, Gateshead, UK) is a photographer and book designer working in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. He won the Hearst 8x10 Photography Prize in 2013, has exhibited worldwide and been published in various publications. He is also the founder of Brown Owl Press, a photobook publishing house based in the…

  23. Richard Anderson: City of the Century

    04 Apr 2016

    Richard Anderson (1992) is a Chicago based photographer and recent graduate of the Columbia College Chicago. Currently he is working on his first publication City of the Century: This photographic series is about the American city as a unified whole.  The term “City of the Century” is the slogan

  24. Mathilda Olmi: A Bird in the Hand

    28 Mar 2016

    Mathilda Olmi (b. 1991) is a photographer from Lausanne, Switzerland. She graduated from the Vevey School of Photography (CEPV) in 2015 A Bird in the Hand: This is an ongoing project that aims to question the world we live in. Mathilda is in a perpetual hunt for a suspended moment where

  25. Shannon May Powell: Romantic Geography

    15 Mar 2016

    Shannon May Powell is an Australian writer and photographer based in Berlin. Her work explores intimacy, with a particular interest in psychogeography, the meaningful interaction between people and place.Romantic Geography: Istanbul I will remember for the taste of pomegranates, the way crimson flesh stains the lips. The perfumes, the spice