Al Palmer: I Believe (In None of This)

Al Palmer (b. 1984, Gateshead, UK) is a photographer and book designer working in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. He won the Hearst 8x10 Photography Prize in 2013, has exhibited worldwide and been published in various publications. He is also the founder of Brown Owl Press, a photobook publishing house based in the North-East of England.

I Believe (In None of This): This series explores the idea of constructing the idea of a city from photographs taken in various cities. Initially masquerading as street photography, the objects and markers hint towards the urban space they’re placeholders for–the city limits. Every city has a particular rhythm and flow, combining various places makes for an entirely fictitious narrative. Showing photographs that initially appear to be straight documentary work yet revealing them to be a mere vessels for the idea within, even the title shows the duplicity of the work.

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