1. Alice Cannara Malan: My (M)Other

    Date 25 May 2017
    Alice Cannara Malan is a young photographer who has a pretty normal upbringing. She followed an artistic path since high school and eventually she got a degree in Graphic Design, in 2015 in Milan. Although Alice’s real passion has always been photography and video. Driven by the desire to leave…

  2. Jarod Luebbert: West Coast and Up to British Columbia

    Date 05 May 2017
    Jarod Luebbert lives in San Francisco, where he moved to six years ago from the Midwest. He began taking photos during his adolescence, and has been making images consistently over the past five years. When Jarod is not stuck at his computer, he seeks to spend his time outside, mainly by the seaside West

  3. Audrey Molloy: Pushing Sonny

    Date 24 Apr 2017
    Audrey Molloy (b. Würzburg, 1993) is a photo based artist, writer, and occasional performance artist. She received her B.F.A. from the University of Arizona in 2015 where she studied digital photography, critical art theory, and video art. Most recently, Audrey was chosen as a 2016 Scholarship Artist in Residence at Pump

  4. Cory Harrison Smith: Copacabana

    Date 04 Apr 2017
    Cory Harrison Smith (b. 1989) is a photographer living and working in Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in the suburbs of Texas and Pennsylvania and holds a BA in Film & Media Arts from Temple University. Cory is primarily interested in the camera’s unique capacity to elevate and obfuscate the…

  5. Max Taeuschel: Trouble in Paradise

    Date 29 Mar 2017
    Max Taeuschel is a Toronto-born artist. Upon moving to Montreal to earn his BA degree in Communication Studies from Concordia University, Max has developed music videos, images and collage-based music. Max’s work has been featured in Pitchfork, Paper Journal and Toronto’s Nuit Blanche. He recently released his debut EP ‘Palm…

  6. Kelsey Sucena: Before I Go

    Date 04 Mar 2017
    Kelsey Sucena (b. 1994, Honolulu) is a New York based photographer, writer, and Park Ranger currently residing on Long Island. As a child, Kelsey spent many winters hiking the coasts of Long Island, where storms and rising seas shift and shape the coastline. It is here that Kelsey became fascinated…

  7. Nikki Krecicki: Elsewhere

    Date 22 Feb 2017
    Nikki Krecicki is a fashion and portrait photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She is a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where she received her B.F.A. in Photography. She began making pictures while living in a lakeside town in North Carolina. With her work she…

  8. Adrien Blondel: Maasai

    Date 18 Jan 2017
    Adrien Blondel was born and grew up in normandy, France. He moved to Paris where he studied and graduated in history of cinema and cinematography. His first feature documentary film project brought him to the US, where he came back to live in San Francisco. Adrien works as a lighting…

  9. Anna Hahoutoff: Americana

    Date 13 Jan 2017
    Anna Hahoutoff is a French/Russian self-taught photographer born in 1993 in Paris, from a French mother and a Russian Father. She lived in St. Petersburg for the first eleven years of her life and then moved back to France. She has also lived in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and several others…

  10. Luca Tombolini: The Second Cosmogony

    Date 10 Jan 2017
    Luca Tombolini was born 1979 in Milan. He completed humanistic studies and then a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on visual rhetoric in Cinema in 2005. While studying he met with photographers and began experimenting with large format cameras. When it comes to large format photography, he is…